Foundation Cracks: How Serious Are They And When Do You Need Repairs?

8 March 2023
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Your home's foundation is one of the most critical components of your property. It is the base that supports your house and all the weight that comes with it. As such, any damage or crack in your foundation can cause serious problems, from structural damage to safety hazards. It's crucial to know when you need residential foundation repair and when you need to take prompt action to prevent further damage to your property. Read More 

Why You Should Not Delay Repair When You Have A Foundation Crack

22 February 2023
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Your home's foundation is key to the house's infrastructure. If you've recently noticed a crack developing somewhere within the house's foundation, this is a code-red situation that you need to get taken care of immediately. Some people like to put off home maintenance or repair tasks if they can live with the problem but foundation crack repair is something that should never be delayed. Here's why you need to reach out to an expert in foundation repair right away. Read More 

Aluminum Marina Dock? 3 Types Of Problems You May Have

7 February 2023
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If you have a marina dock made of aluminum, know this material is durable and strong. Even though, your dock can still have problems that will require repair. Below are three of these problems so you can continue using your dock. You will also find information on keeping your aluminum dock maintained to help prevent future problems.  Corrosion Over time an aluminum dock can become corroded. If not taken care of this could result in holes in the dock that would only get larger over time. Read More 

Submersible Well Pump — Investment Tips For Property Owners

26 January 2023
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A submersible well pump is installed inside a well below the water line. If you need to buy one because your well is deep below ground, remember these investment tips. Make Sure You Get Enough Horsepower Since this submersible well pump will be below the water line, it will require power to move water into your property whenever you need it. This power is characterized by horsepower and it's a spec that can vary from pump to pump. Read More 

Should You Move To An Established Neighborhood Or A New One?

12 January 2023
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The old adage about real estate — location, location, location — continues to be true in the 21st century. But should that location be an established neighborhood or a new one? The answer depends on what you prioritize and your goals. To help you decide which path to take, here are a few reasons to opt for an established neighborhood and a few pros of a new one.  The Benefits of an Established Neighborhood Read More