How To Choose The Right Decorative Railing For Your Deck

6 October 2021
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A deck can be a beautiful addition to any home, but it needs some nice details. If you want the best-looking railing for your new deck, there are some things you have to consider. You have to think about the space. Do you have an empty wall on one side of the deck? Or a couple of trees on one side? The following deck railing information will help you choose which kind of railing is going to look great with your deck.

Match the Structure to the Railing Style

Another challenge when choosing your railings is choosing the right railings that will match the architecture. For example, if you are installing deck railings on a contemporary home, you might want to consider solutions like glass balusters with metal accents. You can also use wood rails with rod iron pickets if you want a more elegant look to match a more traditional type of architecture. You want to avoid using railings that don't fit the architecture, such as using contemporary railings for a home with a rustic style.

Use Materials That Complement the Design

In addition to the style of the railings you choose, you also want to choose materials that fit the architecture. Glass and metal are good choices for homes with a more contemporary design. If you are adding railings to a deck on a home with a rustic-like style, then you might want to use wood materials. Painted materials and materials with color can look great for homes with a classic or craftsman-style architectural design.

Consider Using Handrails for Practical Solutions

In addition to the conventional railings that you are planning on adding to your deck, you might want to add handrails. The railings are the main safety features of decks, but handrails can add a functional feature to areas where conventional railings cannot be installed. They can be great solutions for stairs and can add an extra element to the design of your deck railings to give them a more custom look.

Use Different Railings for Different Deck Designs

You also want to match the railings to the design of your deck. This can be done by using the same materials for the wood decking and the top rails of the railing. Some composite decking manufacturers also supply railing systems to match their products, which is another option to consider if your deck is made of composite materials. You can also choose options with glass and metal railings if your deck is an impermeable surface that is more like a patio than a deck.

Contact a deck railing service to get the help you need finding the right railings or balusters for the design of your deck.