4 Signs You Need To Bring In A Boiler Repair Technician

12 October 2021
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When you use a boiler to run your business operations, it is essential to keep it running correctly. It is vitally important to be aware of the signs that your boiler needs to be repaired so that you can fix it before it damages your unit to the point that it shuts down or needs to be replaced.

Sign #1: Corrosion

Boilers are made to be strong. They are made to resist corrosion throughout their working lives. If you start to notice corrosion on your unit, you will want to stop the corrosion in its tracks.

For example, if corrosion appears on the heat exchange, you will want to fix it right away. That is a small part that you can easily replace and save the rest of your unit from corrosion.

You will want to replace that part at the first sign of corrosion to stop your unit from getting compromised.

Sign #2: Leak

If you ever see water pooling around your boiler, that is not a good sign. That means that you have water coming out of a connection point or from the tank. If you see a water leak, you will want to turn off the unit and get it repaired immediately. That isn't a condition that you can ignore.

Sign #3: Rumbling

Third, you should be familiar with the sounds that your boiler makes. If your boiler starts to make a strange new sound, such as a rumbling sound, don't ignore it. A strange new sound usually means that something is wrong with your tank and that it needs to be fixed. A rumbling sound is often associated with overheating, so don't keep using it if your unit is making sounds that it shouldn't. Get someone in to fix it immediately, and turn it off if you can to prevent further damage.

Sign #4: Uneven Heating

Fourth, if you use your boiler for heating, it should provide you with even heating. If you are not getting even heating from your boiler, that is a sign that it is not working properly. Generally, uneven heating can be caused by issues with a circulator pump, which is something that a professional can fix.

If you have a boiler, pay attention to when changes develop with it. If you start to notice corrosion, leaking water, strange noises, or uneven heating, you are going to want to call in a repair technician to fix those issues right away before more damage develops.

Contact a boiler repair service for more information.