Keys To Making The Most Out Of Crash Truck Rentals For A Temporary Construction Site

13 October 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


For construction sites involving nearby traffic, this extra activity has to be considered for the safety of all workers involved. Crash truck rentals can temporarily support these projects, reducing the safety risk of vehicles crashing near these construction zones. Just make sure you use these special trucks in a couple of ways for optimal safety results.

Identify Relevant Exposure Areas

In order for crash trucks to remain effective during a construction project around a road system, you need to first identify relevant exposure areas. These are areas that are the most vulnerable to collisions from other vehicles. Making proper assessments regarding this aspect ensures you order enough crash trucks and place them around the right areas.

Take a look at the worksite that's being supported, and get professionals involved in these exposure area assessments too. Then you'll make the most out of crash truck rentals for as long as they're needed.

Use Trucks Equipped with Lane-Changing Indicators

After you have crash truck rentals set up around a construction site that's being worked on, you need a way to signal to oncoming traffic that they need to stay clear of the work zone. You'll convey these messages effectively with crash truck rentals that have lane-changing indicators.

There will be arrows that direct traffic to the right or left of these crash trucks. These indicators light up at night too so that you can keep a construction site safe even when it gets dark. Thanks to these indicators, you can effectively improve responses from drivers that get near crash trucks. 

Choose Models Backed by Thorough Safety Tests

In order for you and other workers to feel good about having crash truck rentals around a construction zone, you need to go with models that have been through the appropriate forms of safety testing.

Companies supplying these crash trucks should show that these trucks are truly effective at keeping worksites safe, even when collided into by other vehicles going at certain speeds. You can then put more faith in these crash truck rentals, helping everyone stay more productive since they won't have to worry about being vulnerable by working around busy areas that receive a lot of traffic. 

You can vastly improve the safety around construction sites that receive nearby traffic thanks to rental crash trucks. Spend time reviewing different models and safety devices until you find vehicles you can fully trust for as long as your construction activities last.