Why You Should Act Quickly To Have Foundation Problems Fixed

13 October 2021
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There are many possible signs of foundation issues you may see in and around your home. If you do start to see these things, you should call someone to come out and fix the foundation right away. You can learn about some signs to watch for below, as well as information on what can end up happening if you don't have the foundation repairs fixed in a timely manner. 

Signs you may have foundation problems

Cracks - You may see cracks in the foundation along the outside of your home. While it's normal for there to be tiny cracks in the foundation as time goes on, you don't want to see large ones. Also, you may start to see cracks inside the house, most commonly around windows and door frames. If you start to see large cracks in the foundation or cracks in your walls, then you should have the foundation checked. 

Uneven floors - If you start to notice that the floor inside your home is getting uneven, then this can indicate that you have foundation problems. The flooring may even have what feels like dips and bumps you can feel as you walk. Or, there may be a corner of the flooring that seems to suddenly slope downward. Anything like this should be checked. 

Sticking doors and windows - If your doors and windows used to open without difficulty, then there is no reason why they should suddenly start to stick and be difficult to open and close. However, if you do start to experience this, then you should have the foundation checked because it can be another sign of problems. 

Things that can happen if you don't have foundation problems fixed

You can have plumbing problems - If you don't have your foundation repaired before the problem gets serious, then it can affect your plumbing. A foundation that shifts can lead to the pipes underneath the home cracking or even bursting. 

You can end up with water damage - Ignoring foundation damage too long can lead to water getting inside your home. Water that gets inside can lead to water damage in that part of your home. 

Pest infestations - When ignored foundation problems leave your home with cracks and crevices that pests can get through, you can end up with an infestation inside your home. 

Structural damage to your home - A huge reason for you to have the foundation repaired promptly is so you can avoid having structural damage done to your home that can end up being both dangerous and extremely expensive to repair.

Contact a company that offers residential foundation repair services to learn more.