3 Essential Benefits Of Boundary Surveying

15 October 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you intend to construct a building on a piece of land, you'll need boundary surveying. Property boundaries should be appropriately documented for the new structure to be legally considered a part of your land. During a boundary survey process, a licensed surveyor will walk around your lot with various pieces of equipment to map out the boundaries and corners. This article discusses three essential benefits of this process.

It Will Save You From Costly Mistakes and Ensure You Comply With Municipal Laws

Surveying can help you avoid severe mistakes. The stakes are high when selling, buying, or developing property, and errors cannot be tolerated. To avoid this, your land borders and surrounding features should be clearly established and marked on a map at all times. A surveyor can create a map of your property that clearly outlines its boundaries. This is vital because it will determine where you can go on your land, what activities you can perform on it, and more.

Boundaries must also comply with municipal laws. If they don't, you could be facing serious consequences such as the loss of your land, a fine from local authorities, and more. A surveyor will ensure that you have all necessary documentation so that there are no violations or problems in the future. Having established boundaries may also make it easier for authorities to give you easements rights and building permits quickly.

It Will Protect You From Disputes With Your Neighbors

If you don't have marked boundaries on your property, you might be at risk for a legal dispute. Surveys are designed to show all property lines, so when disagreements arise, you have proof of exactly where your land begins and ends. With clear boundaries in place, people will recognize that they're trespassing if they enter your private property or use it without permission.

A surveyor will ensure your boundary locations are recorded on paper with an accurate survey map. This will save you from incurring expensive litigation fees and help you avoid foreclosure. It's good practice to get your boundary surveyed whenever you buy property, inherit a piece of land, or divide the property.

It Shows Recorded Easements

Recorded easements can be beneficial if complications arise in the future. For example, if there's an old fence between your property and a neighbor's, but it was never surveyed before being built, you can use the easements to prove that it is on your side of the property line. A boundary survey will also show you where water lines, gas pipelines, and other utilities are located on your property.

Boundary surveying is essential to every construction project. If you are planning to build a house, it is strongly recommended that you hire a land surveyor to determine where the property lines lie to save you from potential legal disputes later.