These Problems Aren't Mysteries — They Mean You Need A Plumber

15 October 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Most people have, at least once in their lives, been perplexed by something their house does. Maybe it's a strange sound coming from the basement that you just can't place. Or perhaps it is an unfamiliar vibration that rings through your living room once, but never again. It's easy to shrug off these events as mysteries you'll never solve. But sometimes, the weird things that happen in your home are not mysteries after all. They're signs you need to call a plumber.

The Phantom Flush

Nobody has used the toilet in hours, but the tank starts filling anyways. You might initially want to blame a ghost or phantom, but in fact, this occurrence means there's a leak in your toilet tank. Water is slowly trickling from the tank into the bowl. Then, the tank eventually has to refill. 

While this type of toilet leak is not messy, it can waste a ton of water over time. So, you'll want to have a plumber come locate and fix the leak. Usually, they just have to replace a small part in the back of the toilet, such as the flapper or chain.

Banging Pipes

Do you ever hear a pinging or dinging noise coming from your pipes? It's not a phantom banging on them with a hammer. It's probably a phenomenon called water hammer that occurs when air gets into your plumbing system. If it happens once or twice a year, there's no reason for concern. But if it is happening on a weekly basis or more often than that, you need to call a plumber. There may be a loose or broken valve somewhere that they need to fix. They can even secure your pipes to the wall, which will help dampen the noise, going forward. 

Rumbling Hot Water Heater

If your hot water heater sounds more like an engine or an airplane when it's heating your water, this is not something to ignore. These noises mean there is sediment at the bottom of the tank. While the sediment itself is not an emergency, it will cause the tank to wear out faster and be more prone to leaks. So, have a plumber come remove sediment from the tank sooner rather than later.

Some weird house phenomena are not the mysteries you may have thought! If you notice anything odd with your pipes, you're always best off calling a plumber and asking them to take a look. Contact a company like Countryside to learn more.