Custom Kitchen Remodeling To Transform Your Tiny Space Into A Versatile Addition To Your Home

18 October 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you have a tiny kitchen, it might be time to give it a makeover. Today, there are a lot of solutions that a custom remodeling service can provide to get more space out of your kitchen. They might include open concept designs, storage solutions, and minor changes to the kitchen layout. The following custom remodeling solutions will help you give your tiny kitchen more space and your home a more open design:

Open Up Your Walls

The first thing you can do to make your small kitchen feel big is to open up the space. Therefore, you want to remove walls wherever possible. Sometimes, removing the walls in your kitchen can be difficult. Therefore, you need the right solutions to open up the walls. One open is to use beams to carry any loads and remove walls. You can also use pass-throughs, which are window-like openings in the wall. If you need storage in these areas, you might want to consider open shelves that provide storage but still give you the open design you are trying to achieve.

Built-In Storage Solutions and Bump Outs

There might be a lot of clutter in your kitchen, which can make the space feel more cramped and smaller. Therefore, you want to have the right storage solutions to deal with all the clutter and give your kitchen a more spacious feeling. This can be done with the right built-in features that will help you organize your kitchen. These storage features can be more than just the usual racks and organization features — they can also include things like recessed cabinets or a pantry that takes space from an adjacent area to add more floor space to your kitchen design.

Add Ceiling-Mounted Features and Storage Solutions

Sometimes, the ceiling is a space that gets overlooked in the design of kitchens. It can be especially useful for small kitchen designs. Therefore, you might want to suspend features like storage for wine, glasses, or pots and pans from your kitchen's ceiling. If you choose to use the ceiling for these features, try to avoid cluttering the design by using them for everything. It is best to choose one ceiling feature and stick with it to keep the open feeling that you are trying to achieve with the new design.

Colors and Contrast That Creates An Open Feeling

The colors that you use in your kitchen design can do a lot to make the space feel more open. In addition, how you use the colors to create contrast in the design can also be great to make the space feel larger and open. Try to avoid using colors that are too dark and use more bright-colored features that reflect light. Darker colors can be used for accents that create a contrast to make the design stand out and give your kitchen a more open feeling.

The changes you make to your kitchen can make it feel more open and inviting. Contact a custom kitchen remodeling service for more information.