A Comprehensive Guide To Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance

20 October 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you own a business or commercial building, you understand that commercial parking lots are constantly exposed to wear and tear inflicted by your workers, clients, and other vendors. However, most commercial property owners rarely take care of their parking lots besides occasionally shoveling away things like snow. That kind of approach is inadvisable since it undermines the condition and lifespan of your property's parking lot. If you want your parking lot to outlive its serviceable life expectancy while giving you nothing but the best, stick with the following maintenance practices:

1. Ensure you have proper drainage

Drainage systems hugely determine the longevity of your commercial parking lot. That is why professionals classify water pools on parking lots as a cause for concern. The reason for this is that when water fails to drain from your parking lot, it inconveniences pedestrians and drivers and gradually causes damage to its surface. That is why, for example, if you have an asphalt parking lot, you see debris like rocks and sand swirling away in running water. Professionals fix such issues using solutions like parking lot slopes, curbing, and drains and inlets.  

2. Clean regularly

The significant traffic experienced by most commercial parking lots encourages an accumulation of debris and dirt. This accumulation leads to water stagnation during the rainy season, which causes deterioration when the water seeps into the substrate. You can avoid this and many other problems using cleaning techniques like sweeping and power washing. Moreover, since vehicles sometimes leak fluids like oil, you must get rid of them immediately with suitable cleaning solutions before they damage your property.

3. Take care of the surrounding landscape

The landscape surrounding your commercial property plays a vital role in determining the condition and outlook of your parking lot. Therefore, keeping it in top shape improves the appeal and extends your parking lot's lifespan. You can do that by trimming shrubbery, mowing grass within sectional parking spaces, and observing seasonal mulching. Moreover, installing curbing will help prevent dirt and mulch washing out and eroding or leading to cracks on the parking lot's surface.

4. Frequent repairs

Commercial parking lots are predisposed to numerous issues, including cracks and potholes. If yours has cracks, seal them as soon as possible. The same applies to potholes and low spots. If you don't have these problems yet, observe the other maintenance practices to prevent them. Note that it's best to leave parking lot filling and sealing projects to repair professionals.

Commercial parking lot maintenance is a lot of work. Plus, it demands necessary resources and equipment, including a power washer, seal coat, line marking paint, and crack fillers. Hire maintenance experts to ensure your commercial parking lot gets the services it deserves and lasts you a lifetime. Contact a commercial parking lot maintenance company to learn more.