What To Know When Deciding Between Engineered And Hardwood Flooring

20 October 2021
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If you're going to be replacing your current flooring with hardwood, you need to decide what kind of flooring material you want to use. All wood flooring is not the same, since there are different types of hardwood flooring to choose from. Here is what you should know about engineered and hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

When you hear the term hardwood flooring, know that it is referring to wood planks that are solid wood throughout the entire plank. They are made out of one single piece of wood, which means that the material is going to last a really long time. You can sand hardwood flooring material many times when it starts looking rough, which means that hardwood flooring will potentially last a lifetime.

If you're looking to resell your home in the future, know that hardwood flooring adds value to a home. It's something that homebuyers typically value because hardwood flooring is quite durable. They know that they won't have to worry about replacing the flooring and they can refinish the floors later on to change how it looks.

Hardwood flooring is one of the most expensive wood flooring options out there, even though it is the most durable. Keep that in mind if you are working within a budget. 

Engineered Flooring

What makes engineered flooring different is that it is made out of several layers of real wood. However, only the top layer is made out of the nice-looking material that you see on top. The other layers are made out of plywood or a high-density board that will serve as the base but this portion does not look pretty. This allows engineered flooring to be cheaper than hardwood. 

The installation of engineered flooring is more DIY-friendly. It can float on top of the existing flooring material that you have, where hardwood needs to be nailed down in place. Most people are capable of cutting the boards down to size and snapping them into place because of this.

Keep in mind that engineered flooring has a limit to how many times that you can sand and refinish the surface. Because that top layer of wood is so thin, you'll likely be able to refinish engineered wood once or twice because it's simply not possible anymore. 

Reach out to a hardwood flooring contractor for more information about both of these wood floor options. They can help with purchasing the materials and installing it for you.