4 Indicators It Is Time To Schedule a Septic Tank Cleaning

22 October 2021
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Beneath your property, a silent giant lies, working tirelessly to manage wastewater from your home. Houses not connected to a public sewer system have septic tanks that act as waste and raw sewage reservoirs.

Over time, the tank is bound to fill up, posing health and safety hazards if it overflows. Therefore, it is important to schedule septic tank cleaning regularly. But when is the right time to call the experts for help? The following are signs that you should seek out a septic tank cleaning service soon.

1. Slow Drainage

When doing the dishes or taking a shower, you might notice that the water drains slower than usual. This could mean that you have a clogged drain, but it might also indicate that your septic tank is filled to unsafe levels. Several slow drains are a clear sign that your septic tank is in trouble.

A full septic tank has limited space to accommodate more wastewater. If you believe your septic tank is full, you need to schedule a cleaning service quickly to help salvage the situation.

2. Standing Water in the Yard

If it hasn't rained recently, and you come across pools of standing water, you need to investigate the source. While burst water pipes can cause water pools, you can't rule out an overflowing septic tank.

You can start by inspecting the contents of the pooled water. If it contains traces of waste, your septic tank is most likely overfilled. When a tank overfills, the solid waste can be forced out through the drain fields and eventually to your yard, exposing you and your family to the health hazard of septic waste.

3. Unpleasant Smell

The smell of decaying waste and sludge is hard to ignore. When the waste makes its way out of the tank, it typically emits an unpleasant smell that can make your home repulsive. Fortunately, a septic tank cleaning service can help you deal with the smell.

4. The Next Cleaning Service Is Overdue

Experts recommend routine cleaning to avoid problems and extend the tank's lifespan. You don't always need reasons or signs to call the specialists to pump and clean the tank. But you may have procrastinated making that appointment. 

Take a look at your septic tanks' maintenance schedule and consider reaching out to the experts if the next service is due or overdue. You will prevent a host of septic system problems by following the septic tank cleaning schedule.

Although it is essential to learn about the warning signs of a full septic tank, routine septic tank cleaning can help you avoid frustrating and awful experiences.