Five Ways Chimney Cleaning Services Can Help When It Comes Time To Sell

15 November 2021
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Homeowners should always have their chimneys cleaned regularly as part of routine home maintenance. However, they can benefit in particular from a chimney cleaning when they are getting ready to sell their home. The following are five ways chimney cleaning services can help when it comes time to sell. 

You'll be more confident going into your home inspection

The home inspection is a stressful part of selling a home. If you haven't had your chimney cleaned in a while, you won't know if there are chimney repairs needed that will come up in the inspection. Most likely, you'll have to pay for repairs that come up before you can sell.

If you get your chimney cleaned before selling, you'll be confident that your chimney won't cause any problems during your home inspection. 

The air of your home will be cleaner when your home is being toured by buyers

The cleanliness of a chimney has a big impact on interior air quality. Interior air quality is going to be important for prospective homebuyers. This is especially true for homebuyers who suffer from allergies or respiratory ailments.

Having chimney cleaning done makes a home more attractive to homebuyers looking for a property with good interior air quality. 

Prospective buyers will have more peace of mind about chimney safety

Neglecting to clean a chimney for a long time can create safety risks like fire hazards. When you tell prospective buyers that you have recently had your chimney cleaned, they will have a higher level of confidence in the safety of your home and therefore be more likely to make an offer.  

Prospective buyers will know that your home is healthier

Carbon monoxide exposure in a home's interior can be deadly. A fireplace can cause carbon monoxide exposure if the chimney is not properly channeling carbon monoxide to the exterior of a home when the fireplace is in use.

Chimney cleanings ensure that there are no blockages in a chimney that can trap carbon monoxide in a home. Homebuyers will be happy to know that you've had your chimney cleaned so that carbon monoxide exposure is less likely. 

You'll know you don't have any pests living in the chimney

A pest infestation is obviously going to be a huge deterrent to homebuyers. A home's chimney can often be the perfect habitat for pests like bats and rodents.

When you have your chimney professionally cleaned, your chimney cleaning service will check and get rid of pests and any signs of pests such as nests.