About Submersible Well Pump Problems

29 December 2021
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Many benefits come with owning a well, but problems could also arise and interfere with the ability to obtain groundwater. The inability to obtain groundwater from a well can cause multiple problems in a house, including the inability to wash dishes, bathe, and perform several other tasks that involve using water from faucets. If you are unable to receive water in your household, the problem might stem from the submersible pump in your well not functioning as it should. Due to the extent of pump parts that might be causing the problem, it is wise to get the pump inspected by a professional.

A submersible well pump can be repaired but you might need to get a new pump installed so a satisfactory amount of groundwater will begin to flow into your home again.

Able to Receive Water in Small Amounts

If there is water coming into your home, but it is only a small amount, there might be a problem with the pump intake screen. Due to where the intake screen is located, it is easy for it to get dirty and interfere with the pump obtaining groundwater. Getting the intake screen cleaned might resolve the problem and lead to more water flowing into your home. It is also possible that there are damaged parts on the pump that must be replaced. A professional can inspect the pump and let you know if there are damaged parts and whether they can be repaired, or if you need a new pump altogether.

Unable to Obtain Water from the Well

If there is no well water entering your home, it can be due to the submersible pump not working. However, when a pump isn't working, it does not necessarily mean that it is damaged and needs to be replaced. The pump might not be working because there isn't a supply of electricity due to a circuit breaker tripping. It is also possible that the pump has a damaged pressure switch that must be replaced. The worst scenario is that you need to get a new well pump installed because it is old and worn out.

The Well Pump Seems to Be Functioning

If you can hear the well pump and know that it isn't malfunctioning, your home plumbing system might be the reason little to no water is coming out of faucets. You might need to get your plumbing lines cleaned or replaced. Make an appointment with a submersible well pump contractor to find out why well water isn't properly flowing into your house.

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