Customizing Your Ultracraft Cabinets: Four Ways To Maximize Storage

12 January 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Ultracraft cabinets offer a durable and stylish way to upgrade your kitchen, with a host of designs and finishes to match your decor theme. You can further customize your cabinet setup with the addition of some key accessories, which your contractor can install as part of your cabinet upgrade project. Here are some ways you can use these accessories to maximize storage space in your kitchen. 

Lazy Susans And Pullout Shelves

Blind cabinets provide unique storage challenges. Without additional accessories, they can make it difficult to reach all the items you have stored inside. Adding pullout shelves to cabinets housing cookware and serving pieces keeps everything organized and easily accessible. You can use this option for bottom cabinets to sort and find items as you prepare meals. For upper cabinets or those you plan to use for storing pantry items, drinkware, and other smaller items, consider adding a lazy Susan. The tiered turntables rotate easily, so you can simply spin them until you find the item you're looking for. A lazy Susan is a perfect option for upper cabinets, but it can also be used for smaller blind cabinets on the bottom row. 


Tilt-out trays make use of the space directly below your sink, typically where a false drawer front would normally be found. These trays are long and narrow, providing dedicated storage for sponges, bottle brushes, and other small items. Adding tilt-out trays keeps the space next to your faucet free from clutter while still ensuring all your dishwashing accessories are easily accessible. You can also add these trays directly below a built-in cooktop to stash tongs, spoons, and even frequently used spices. 

Glass Shelving And Wine Racks

Create a mini bar area in your kitchen by adding glass shelving and built-in wine racks to your cabinetry. The glass shelving holds drinkware neatly underneath a traditional shelf, keeping dust out of the vessels while creating an elegant display. Consider using this type of shelving directly under a wine rack cabinet insert to house all your wines and accessories in one central location. You can also use this space to house sparkling water and other nonalcoholic beverages as well. 

Countertop Appliance Cabinets

Countertop appliance cabinets are additional cabinets placed on your counter and connected to the cabinetry above. They are used to keep your toaster, blender, and other smaller items out of sight to create a clutter-free look. This addition to your Ultracraft cabinetry installation creates a clean look on your counter without having to move appliances into your full-size cabinets, ensuring more usable storage space throughout your kitchen. This idea can also be used to create storage space for bread and other baked goods for an additional use option. To learn more information about Ultracraft cabinets, reach out to companies such as Custom Cabinetry Direct.