What To Do When You Counter A Common Washing Machine Problem

28 March 2022
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If your washer is not working properly, you will want to troubleshoot what is wrong and then call some appliance repair professionals to help you fix things up. Working with some appliance repair professionals can help you solve your washing machine issues, and get you back to washing your clothing again. 

Washer Will Not Turn On

If your washing machine doesn't turn on, you can do a few things. To start, check the power. 

The motor may be overheated if your washing machine is getting power. If the machine was working and stopped, give it some time to cool off and see if it works again. If your motor starts overheating regularly, you will need a professional to fix it. 

Next, you will want to check the lid switch and ensure it is working right. If the lid switch isn't activating when you push down the lid, you may need to replace the lid switch. 

Drainage Issues

When you run your washing machine, you expect the water to drain out properly. If you open up your washing machine and find some water inside your machine, you have a drainage problem.

The first thing you need to do is check the drainage hose. You will want to see if the hose has any kinds in it, and if it is above the level of water in the drain tub. Check and see if a foreign object is blocking the drain tube. You may need to replace the drain tube if it is damaged. That is something that you can let a professional handle. 

No Agitation or Spinning

Your washing machine has to agitate or spin your clothing, depending on the style of washing machine you have, to clean things up. If it isn't moving and actually cleaning your clothing, you may have put in a too-large load. In that case, take some stuff out of the load to balance it out.

If that doesn't fix the issue, you have a larger issue on your hands. Something may be blocking the drain pump. The belt for the washing machine may be worn out, or a switch may not be activated. 

If your washing machine is acting up and you are unsure what the issue is, you can always just call an appliance repair professional. They will be able to easily figure out what is wrong, offer you a quote, and repair your washing machine on-site so that you can get back to enjoying clean clothing without having to leave your home.