3 Warning Signs It's Time To Invest In Commercial Drainage Repair

12 July 2022
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Your commercial drainage is crucial because it collects surface and groundwater, directing it away. This helps keep your soil well aerated and prevents it from losing its load-bearing capacity. It also prevents soil erosion, minimizing soil and nutrient loss. Thus, you should ensure that it is properly installed and maintained to keep it operational. Nonetheless, your drainage system might malfunction due to mineral build-up or foreign objects. So, you should ensure that the drainage pipes can easily be accessed in case of any repairs to prevent damaging your landscape. Here are three warning signs it's time to invest in commercial drainage repair.

1. When the Foundation of Your Commercial Building Begins to Crack  

As a business owner, you should never ignore any cracks in your foundation. This sign might indicate that your commercial drainage is failing. Poor drainage might cause water to leak into your basement, causing your foundation to shift, lean, or sink. If overlooked, the cracks might allow excess moisture into your commercial building, allowing mold growth. This might cause allergies in your employees or damage your structures. Therefore, it's imperative to invest in commercial drainage repair when you notice this issue.

2. When Your Gutters Begin to Overflow

Your commercial drainage system might be improper if your experience gutter overflow after a heavy downpour. It might indicate that your downspouts are too short, clogged, or incorrectly positioned. They might direct water to your foundation if ignored, causing it to crack. This might cause your commercial building to collapse or ruin its structural integrity. Thus, investing in commercial drainage repair is advisable when you notice this issue. It will help position your commercial downspouts properly or unclog them, preventing an overflow. 

3. When You Notice Rodent Infestation

If you have improper drainage, you may experience rodent or pest infestation in your business. This is because rodents like rats can live in your drainage pipes since they are warm, protected, and have food. Therefore, these rodents might enter your business through the cracks in your drainage pipes. Clogs might also push these rodents and pests into your business. When this happens, they may become a nuisance to your employees, cause allergies or ruin your image. So, investing in commercial drainage repair is wise when you notice this issue. It will help fix the cracks and clogs, preventing rodent infestation.

If you want to keep your commercial drainage efficient and functional, you should invest in timely repair and maintenance. If your drainage develops any of the above issues, it's advisable to contact a professional to repair it to keep your commercial building clean, healthy, and safe.

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