Repairing Common Types Of Residential Roof Damage

23 August 2022
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Roofing damage is an issue that you may find yourself needing to address. For those that are new to owning and maintaining a home, it can be difficult for them to be prepared for the full range of potential issues that their roof may encounter and need to have repaired.

Blisters On The Roof Can Lead To Significant Structural Damage

Blisters forming on the surface of the roof can be an issue that will have the potential to cause substantial problems for the structure. The blisters will be a weak point on the surface of the roof, and if they are not addressed, they may allow water to seep through the shingles. Once this occurs, it may be possible for the roof to experience considerable structural damage and other issues as a result of rot, mold, and mildew growth under the roof's exterior surface. As these problems persist, they will worsen and cause severe weakening of some of the roof's supports.

Winter Storms Can Cause Severe Roofing Damage

When a person thinks of storm-related roofing damage, they may imagine the issues that can be caused by tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. However, winter storms can also cause major damage to the roof of your home. These weather events can dump tremendous amounts of snow and ice onto your roof. The weight of these materials may be enough to cause deep cracks to form in the roof or the supports that hold it up. If this occurs, the roof could actually start to sag in these areas. In addition to this type of structural damage, snow and ice can persist on a roof for days or longer, and this prolonged moisture contact can rapidly degrade the exterior of the roof.

Pests Can Cause Roofing Damage That Will Have To Be Repaired

Pests can be a source of roofing damage that people will often overlook when it comes to the threat that they pose. However, there are many different types of insects and other pests that could cause enough damage to require costly and disruptive repairs to the roof. One example of this could be termites weakening the supports that hold up the roof. These pests can rapidly compromise the structural integrity of the roof, and if they are present, the homeowner should act quickly to have them eliminated. Pests that do not directly target the wood of the roof can also cause structural damage to it. This is due to their nests promoting the rot and decay of the wood that it is in contact with. Having a professional pest control service treat the roof can help to avoid these problems, but it is often the case that homeowners will overlook this important preventative care.

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