Common Commercial Plumbing Issues To Be Aware Of

3 October 2022
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Plumbing should be a major concern to you, as a business owner. In order to improve your ability to properly care for your plumbing system, you should know what things to watch for. The information that's been provided here is going to describe some of the more common commercial plumbing problems that are more likely to show up at some point.

Here are three examples of common problems to watch for.

1: Clogged toilets occur frequently

It's common for the toilets in a commercial building to become clogged. While toilet clogs are also common in homes, they do tend to happen more often in commercial spaces. There are many reasons for this. One reason why clogs tend to happen so often in commercial buildings is that people are often much harder on the plumbing in commercial spaces than they are in their homes.

People will end up flushing a lot of things down them that they would never flush down residential toilets. Sometimes, it's because they assume the toilets can handle more and other times it's because they don't have the same respect for commercial toilets as they do for their own. Some things often flushed down them include pieces of packaging, feminine hygiene products, plastic baggies, bandages, wipes, and even diapers. A plumber should come to fix the toilet, so you can avoid the possibility of a serious flooding incident.

2: Clogged sinks happen often

Clogged sinks are also clogged often in commercial spaces. Frequently, this is due to the same carelessness discussed above. People will allow many things to go into the sink drain that shouldn't. A few examples include large pieces of food, grease, oil, non-food items like small papers, and more.

A clogged sink can sometimes be fixed easily by one of your staff members. However, when the clogs seem to happen regularly, you run the risk of serious plumbing issues if you don't have a professional plumber take care of it.

3: Leaks are a major concern

Leaks can happen at any time and in any part of your commercial building's plumbing system. Any leak needs to be fixed right away by a professional plumber, or you can be putting your commercial space in serious jeopardy. 

Some common areas for leaks include under sinks, at any connections, and where there are still older plumbing pipes. Leaks can start small and quickly become larger. Or, you can experience a burst pipe. With a burst pipe, you want to shut the main water valve off completely, if it is safe to do so in your business. Leaks need to be fixed quickly. However, a burst pipe should be considered a plumbing emergency.

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