Damage Basement Cracks Could Cause

17 October 2022
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If cracks form in your basement's walls or floors, it could require repairs in order to prevent the home from suffering some significant complications as a result of this issue. Unfortunately, individuals may not realize the various problems that cracks in the basement will be able to cause, and this could lead to the necessary repairs being delayed.

Moisture Intrusions

If there are large cracks in your basement walls, it could allow large amounts of water to enter through them. This will lead to mold developing in the basement that could spread throughout the home. As an added side effect, this moisture could contribute to the crack actually growing worse if it is not repaired. This is the result of the moisture gradually weakening the areas near the crack, which can lead to it rapidly spreading. If there are electrical systems and components near the cracks, they could be at a far greater risk of suffering major damage due to water seeping into them, which could rapidly increase the costs of restoring the home.  

Structural Stability Problems

Depending on the size of the crack that has formed, it could lead to some potentially significant structural issues for the home. This is particularly true if the crack is allowed to grow in size before it is repaired. Once this occurs, large sections of the basement walls could potentially become weak enough to actually start to collapse. If the damage becomes this severe, it may require extensive repairs that could be costly and disruptive, but they will be essential for preventing significant safety issues due to stability problems. Luckily, professional basement crack repair services can complete this work so that the strength and integrity of the wall will be restored.

Allowing Pests To Enter The Home More Easily

The openings that the cracks create can be large enough to allow a number of different pests to enter the home. One example of this could be ants. Ants will be able to easily tunnel to these openings, which could make it easy for them to establish a colony inside the home. Termites can be another example of a pest that could tunnel into the cracks. Furthermore, efforts at pest control could be limited as these openings will create gaps in the protection that can enable pests to easily circumvent them. After the basement cracks have been repaired, the home should be treated for pests to eliminate those that may have entered through this opening.

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