Submersible Well Pump — Investment Tips For Property Owners

26 January 2023
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A submersible well pump is installed inside a well below the water line. If you need to buy one because your well is deep below ground, remember these investment tips.

Make Sure You Get Enough Horsepower

Since this submersible well pump will be below the water line, it will require power to move water into your property whenever you need it. This power is characterized by horsepower and it's a spec that can vary from pump to pump.

What you need to do is assess your specific water well. How far down in the ground is it and what type of power would you need to get water from it successfully? Take your time with this assessment because it's paramount to getting a well-functioning pump that you can trust works great year after year. 

Focus on Pumps That Can Remain Inside Wells When Failure Happens

There may be a point in time when your submersible well pump malfunctions and it thus needs to be serviced. It wouldn't be very convenient to have to lift this pump out of the well each time an adjustment was warranted though.

A better option is a submersible well pump that can remain where it is inside the well, even when adjustments are needed. For instance, if you got a well pump with a starter control system that's above ground, you can simply manage this component rather than the pump itself when troubleshooting failure issues.

Look For a Pump With a Rugged Design

In order for a submersible well pump to work, it needs to be submerged completely in water. You can trust this pump will hold up just fine in this wet environment if you find a model with a rugged design. 

You should be able to use this well pump for years and not have to make that many adjustments because of how durable it is. A rugged design would be one that features durable materials like stainless steel. You can trust steel won't be susceptible to damage and that means maintenance/repairs for this pump will be easier to manage.

If you have a deep water well that you plan to use for the foreseeable future, you'll need to get a submersible well pump for it. You can find multiple models today, but if you take a look at your specific well and its needs, it will be easy to find the best pump option. 

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