Aluminum Marina Dock? 3 Types Of Problems You May Have

7 February 2023
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If you have a marina dock made of aluminum, know this material is durable and strong. Even though, your dock can still have problems that will require repair. Below are three of these problems so you can continue using your dock. You will also find information on keeping your aluminum dock maintained to help prevent future problems. 


Over time an aluminum dock can become corroded. If not taken care of this could result in holes in the dock that would only get larger over time. At the first sign of corrosion contact a repair contractor. 

The repair contractor will use a special cleaning solution on the corroded areas. They then use a mild scrub brush to scrub the corrosion off. Once it is removed, they will inspect the area to make sure the corrosion did not cause further problems with the aluminum. 

Becoming Loose

Over time nails and bolts can become loose. If this continues, they will come completely out, and your dock will become damaged. You can check for this problem yourself regularly so you can tighten them up. If you do not, and things are already loose, you can try to tighten up the nails yourself. 

If you are having problems with the nails, contact a repair contractor. The nails and/or bolts may need to be replaced. They can become warped over time due to being subject to water on a constant basis. It may also be corroded where you screw the nails in, and this will have to be repaired. 

Problems with Frame

The frame is the main part of the dock as this is what holds the dock in place. If there are any problems with the frame this can result in a lot of damage to your dock. Frames can become rusted over time as they are constantly in water. Check for rust so you can remove it before it starts eating into the aluminum. 

If you do not check for rust and it builds up, you will find a lot of holes. This will result in structural damage and will not be safe to use the dock. Oftentimes this will result in having to replace the frame, which is expensive. 

Keep Dock Maintained

Fortunately, it is easy to keep a dock maintained. Sweep it regularly to keep the aluminum shiny and clean. You can also use a garden hose to remove stuck on mud and dirt.

Because aluminum docks are durable and strong, you can use a pressure washer on them. Only use water in the pressure washer as you will not need to use a cleaning solution that may damage the aluminum.  

Reach out to a marina repair contractor to learn more.