Why You Should Not Delay Repair When You Have A Foundation Crack

22 February 2023
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Your home's foundation is key to the house's infrastructure. If you've recently noticed a crack developing somewhere within the house's foundation, this is a code-red situation that you need to get taken care of immediately. Some people like to put off home maintenance or repair tasks if they can live with the problem but foundation crack repair is something that should never be delayed. Here's why you need to reach out to an expert in foundation repair right away.

Structural integrity  

Your home's foundation is as important for the bottom of your home as the roof is for the top. You wouldn't go to sleep without a roof over your head and it's not a good idea to ignore a damaged foundation either because it plays such a key role in the structural integrity of your house. A serious crack could lead to a larger collapse of the rest of the foundation. Once your foundation starts to crumble, the rest of your house won't be far behind. In a worst-case scenario, not getting your foundation crack repaired could lead to your house falling on top of you.

Water Leaks

Even if your foundation crack doesn't lead to the most dramatic scenario, you are still at serious risk of property damage from water leaks while the crack remains. Water can get through the crack into your basement, causing the development of mold or property damage inside your home. Then you won't just be paying for your foundation crack repair, you'll be paying to repair the water damage as well.

The Crack Can Expand

Oh, it's just a little crack, right? Nothing bad is going to happen, right? There is no way to predict when or how a small foundation crack will expand into a much larger one. Once it starts further expanding, there is no telling whether it will stop or continue into the nightmare scenario mentioned before. The best idea here is simply to not push your luck and get the crack repaired as soon as possible.

Protect Property Value

You might not be getting your foundation repaired because you don't want to spend the money but what you are really doing is reducing the amount of money you will get if you ever try to sell your home. That is if you can even sell it. Home buyers are going to be very reluctant to purchase a home with foundation issues of any kind.

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