How A Commercial Demolition Plan Is Formulated And Executed

10 July 2023
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Learn how a commercial demolition plan is formulated. Then, familiarize yourself with the steps that will be conducted during the demolition process.

The Preliminary Steps

The job site where the demolition project will take place will need to undergo a survey process. The survey will reveal any obstacles that could hinder the demolition process or make it unsafe. It will also determine if any special permits or posted signs will be needed while the demolition is underway.

If a building is located within a populated area, the demolition process may need to be conducted during times that will not be disruptive to others. A contractor may need to post signage that will alert property owners of the fact that a demolition project will be conducted.

A contractor will also assess the condition of the building that will be demolished. They will inspect the structural materials that it is made of. If the building is constructed of materials that could be hazardous, the contractor will decide the safest way to remove and dispose of the materials.

Equipment Selection

A demolition contractor will use excavation equipment or a wrecking ball to demolish a building. The attachments that an excavator comes equipped with will be responsible for removing materials from an existing structure. A fork or shovel attachment will be used to transport materials from a demolition site.

Large structures often require the use of a wrecking ball. A wrecking ball is a heavy metal ball that is attached to a crane. A machine operator will drive the crane and control the direction and speed of the ball.


After a contractor has determined which equipment will be used during the demolition process, they will prepare a list of staging materials. Staging materials are used to protect exposed surfaces. They are also used to prevent injuries during a live demolition process.

A contractor may use dust barriers and fencing to protect materials that surround the demolition site.

Debris Containment

The contractor will select a debris containment strategy. They will be responsible for renting dumpsters and other receptacles that will be used to store materials that are torn down. The debris containers will be set up before the demolition process takes place.

The last part of the planning phase will involve setting up the demolition equipment that will be used.


The contractor will outline how long the demolition project will take. The contractor will discuss the demolition timetable with the property owner before the demolition project begins.

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