3 Stencil Designs Ideal for Remodeling Contractors

25 August 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


A construction stencil provides an easy way to label specific areas of a project without the need to purchase new signs every time you go to a project. These thin and lightweight stencils are easy to store and you can use the stencils with a wide range of materials like spray paint, markers, or pencils. 

As you plan out remodeling projects, learn about three stencils you should keep in your work truck and return to them on a regular basis.

1. "Do Not Enter"

With a remodeling project, you may not have the whole building shut down. For example, if you remodel the basement of a home, then the homeowners could still have daily access to the upstairs area. To help ensure no one goes into the construction zone, you can use a stencil to make a "Do Not Enter" sign at various entry areas.

The "Do Not Enter" sign can feature large bold letters that stand out on their own. The stencil design could also feature a circular pattern and look like the design of a common "Do Not Enter" street sign. Once you have the stencil, you can choose bold and bright colors to really help the sign stand out.

2. "Keep Area Clear"

During a remodeling project, you may have delicate materials, exposed wires, or simply need to the paint to dry. Inform other workers and people on the job site to keep specific areas clear of debris and clutter. A "Keep Area Clear" makes the message loud and clear. You could paint the stencil pattern onto an uncovered floor or an unpainted part of the sheetrock.

The message will help prevent any delays or inconveniences while you try to complete the project.

3. Safety Gear Signs

At certain points of a remodeling project, you may require specific types of safety gear. For example, if you complete a lot of woodwork or cutting, then you may require everyone in the area to wear safety goggles. Make the message loud and clear with the use of safety gear stencils. A variety of stencils can showcase different safety gear.

For example, you could keep a "hard hat" required stencil and create a floor sign at the entrance to your remodeling projects. The safety reminders also ensure you are not held liable if someone doesn't follow the safety precautions and suffers an injury.

Along with the available stencils, you could order custom stencils that showcase specific messages and allow you to create the specific messages you seek for various projects.